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The protection of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic was a key element in maintaining a well-functioning healthcare system and in preserving essential emergency activity, especially in digestive surgery. Recommendations were issued by scholarly organisations prescribing additional protective measures that are particularly restrictive for healthcare workers, and advising against the use of laparoscopy (internal observation of the abdomen with a camera) in the face of a theoretical risk of aerosolization of the virus.

However, the pathogenicity of viruses found in the digestive tract of COVID-19 patients remains unknown. Analysis of samples of biological fluids from COVID-19 patients and their environment (air, protective visor and surfaces) will make it possible to assess the risk of air contamination during digestive surgery. Recruitment will be carried out in several hospitals, affiliated to the university or not, in the Hauts de France region (Lille, Amiens, Valenciennes, Tourcoing).


To assess the risk of air contamination by CoV2-SARS during digestive surgery in patients with COVID-19

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