Project Description


Summary :

The first immune system response to SARS-CoV-2 consists in triggering several defence mechanisms to fight against this viral infection. In some patients, the initial response to the infection appears to become inadequate and the immune system is overwhelmed, inflammatory cells are stimulated, which results in a massive release of cytokines into the body. Controlling this cytokine storm is a true therapeutic challenge.

So as to better understand and monitor the early signs and evolution of this syndrome in patients, in order to guide care and therapeutic options, it is suggested to simultaneously dose a panel of cytokines in a context of emergency.

Objective :

Common techniques available for the simultaneous evaluation of several relevant cytokines are based on approaches involving several manual steps, designed for mass dosing, some of which are highly serum-consuming. They do not make it possible to dose small batches, or even one at a time if necessary. The acquisition of the ELLA Simple Plex system (Biotechne group, USA) helps solve this problem by allowing automated cytokine dosing in very small volumes, with short runs.

Project initiator:

Myriam Labalette