Project Description



A few years ago, the team had detected the antiviral action of plant extracts and organic compounds present in these plants on another coronavirus affecting humans.

The purpose of this project is to confirm the efficiency of this family of organic compounds – flavones – on SARS-CoV-2.
The plants from which these compounds are derived are abundant and inexpensive, and some are already authorized for use in food supplements.

In addition, their toxicity has already been studied, which will make it possible to speed up clinical trials in humans.

Teams involved in the project will test the efficiency and toxicity of these molecules in vitro, then in cellular models reproducing the areas most often colonized by the virus (the human respiratory epithelium), and finally in animal specimens.
An investigation into the mechanism of action of molecules tested will be carried out during this project, and artificial equivalents of natural compounds will be synthetized, with enhanced antiviral power.


To rapidly identify and characterize antiviral molecules of natural origin.

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