Project Description



The purpose of this study is to define immuno-inflammatory disorders during CoV-2-SARS infection, as for now, they are poorly documented and studied in a segmented manner. Thanks to this monitoring of the immune response, the study will define, as soon as COVID-19 is diagnosed, profiles at risk of complications (respiratory distress, thrombosis, fibrosing evolution…) and evolutionary profiles (i.e. after diagnosis) of good or poor prognosis.

The challenge will then be to suggest therapeutic tools and strategies with anti-inflammatory objectives before clinical complications occur. In addition to the determination of factors predictive of severity, the objective will also be to develop a test confirming the acquisition of cellular immunity. This project will be carried out prospectively on COVID-positive hospitalized patients, regardless of their initial severity status, and will use blood samples already taken for patient follow-up.

This project will also make it possible to better anticipate the study of vaccine efficiency in future trials.

Objectives :

To provide a more complete and prompt documentation of the evolution of immuno-inflammatory disorders involved in the adverse evolution of patients. To suggest anti-inflammatory therapeutic tools and strategies prior to the occurrence of clinical complications and assistance in the evaluation of vaccine strategies.

Project initiator:

Guillaume Lefevre