Project Description



The purpose is to better understand hyperlactatemia mechanisms in covid-19 infections so as to verify its relevance as a prognostic indicator of the patient’s health status. If this hypothesis is confirmed, new therapeutic approaches could be considered, as well as a more adapted deployment of the care offer.

This project was created in conjunction with the medical intensive care unit (Pr Favory and the Lille Intensive care covid-19 study group) and scientific teams from the Université de Lille, Dr Steve Lancel from Pr Boulanger’s team at INSERM UMR- 1167 unit headed by Pr Amouyel and the virology laboratory with Dr Anne Goffard.


The objective is to measure metabolic parameters in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and whole blood to determine whether mitochondrial abnormalities are associated with hospital prognosis.

Project initiator:

Raphaël FAVORY