Project Description


The aim of the project is to deploy 3D printing in the healthcare sector, in order to produce on-site medical equipment that is adapted for patients and staff, both in the context of the epidemic and in the longer term.


3D printing is very common in laboratories as well as in science and engineering courses, but it is not widely used in hospitals and medical schools yet. However, the COVID-19 epidemic has clearly shown the importance of being able to produce protective visors or parts of equipment used, for example, by intensive care units, on demand.

The short-term objective of the project is to make printing capacity investments to meet such demand, adapting machines and processes to the very strict hygienic standards of medical equipment. In the longer term, the aim will be to support the trend towards precision medicine, to enable hospital departments, for example, to manufacture parts that are adapted to the anatomy and context of each patient. This revolution in hospital practice needs to be supported by training delivered to all participants.

This is why the project includes making 3D printing equipment available for the various health training courses.

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